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Ed Sheeran Speaks About The 10,000 Hour Rule

In this interview, Ed Sheeran shares his respect for the 10,000 hour rule and how it assisted him to his best creations.

Ed Sheeran Advice: Everything Is Not Always As it Seems

Ed Sheeran chatted with Walmart Risers series about his personal advice to other aspiring artists regarding portraying yourself to the world the way you actually are.

How Ed Sheeran’s Song Thinking Out Loud Helped A Friend Pay...

Ed Sheeran's hit single "Thinking Out Loud" was actually created in hopes to help his long-time friend get out of financial troubles.

Ed Sheeran’s 5 Leaps Of Faith

Ginger kid from Canada, Ed Sheeran did not just take a chance or 2, he completely trusted in his abilities and his unique journey to stardom. Where most would fear taking risks, Sheeran pushed well beyond and gives us some good clues on really trusting our destinies.