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The 10 Most Inspiring Ellen DeGeneres Quotes

Inspiring messages from Ellen DeGeneres about having a positive outlook and developing a kind spirit to enlighten this often cold world.

Ellen DeGeneres – Life Is Precious

Ellen DeGeneres retells a story where she lost her girlfriend and explains how she overcame the tragedy by discovering how precious life is.

Kanye West’s Ellen Interview & Not Caring About Being Likeable

Although Kanye West's underlying messages can often be misinterpreted with his loud rants, he does usually have something valuable to say. In this Ellen interview, Kanye...

How Ellen DeGeneres Faced Her Fears About Coming Out

Ellen DeGeneres reveals how she finally worked up enough nerve to face her fears and come out to the public about who she really was.

33 Famous People You Didn’t Know Practice Meditation

Meditation has enormous benefits, and is becoming a popular trend among influential people. Here is a list of famous people who meditate.

Ellen Is An Advocate Of Change

The always positive Ellen DeGeneres is an ambassador of change; she quit smoking, is a vegan, supporter of gay rights and is an environmentalist too. She lives and breathes her personal mission of creating a better more positive world.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen embraces positivity and is an advocate for change. She not only encourages her audience to make positive impacts on the planet but also lives and breathes it herself! She endured many hardships to get to where she is, but she never settled with failure and continuously kept moving forward!

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