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John Legend Uses his Fame to be an Advocate for Change...

John Legend is an advocate in many causes related to dis-mantling outdated stereotypes which have imprisoned many people and suppressed true creativity.

Top 10 John Legend Quotes To Brighten Your Perspective

This list of the most inspirational John Legend quotes will encourage you to take chances, to keep evolving and to pursue whats real to you.

John Legend & Common: March On

Hip hop revolutionist Common, and artistic musician John Legend are always relaying powerful subjects to the masses, and they're 2015 Oscar Speech for Selma was no different.

John Legend: Success Through Effort

Musician John Legend speaks with Khan Academy about his personal success and how he persevered through a ton of rejection. He believes that talent is overrated and that mastery and being tenacious is the real kicker to get you where you aspire to go.