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The Top 10 Most Inspiring Mark Wahlberg Quotes

Mark Wahlberg is a versatile and ambitious individual who initially set out as a rapper and model who turned into an A-list actor, producer and business...

Mark Wahlberg – Intensity And Commitment

Mark Wahlberg goes over the importance and relevance of intensity, commitment and pride as he infuses those elements into his entire day to day life.

The Fighter Training Scene With Strip My Mind – Red Hot...

This motivating scene from The Fighter where Mark Wahlberg begins his preparation and training with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' 'strip my mind' playing.

Mark Wahlberg On Overcoming Obstacles

Mark Wahlberg narrows in on his 360 turnaround from being a rebellious outlaw who stole cars, got into brawls and did cocaine to becoming one of Hollwood's biggest A list stars. He touches on his faith, on working hard and making sure he proved himself through his actions rather than his words.