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Sia – Never Give Up – Lion Soundtrack

Sia is becoming a niche artist who chooses to sing about lyrics that provoke hope in the human spirit, and "Never give up" is nothing shy of inspirational.

Sia – The Greatest

Another magical masterpiece by Sia which is about finding your stamina and never giving up to be the greatest version of yourself.

The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Sia Furler Quotes

This is the ultimate list of Sia Furler quotes and lyrics that will give you a different view of success, life and fame.

Sia – Alive

Sia Furler, who has endured a surmountable number of hardships, delivered this empowering track about overcoming all the odds and still being able to breathe.

Eminem – Beautiful Pain Ft. Sia

Eminem and Sia collaborated for a masterpiece track about never giving up and being the bigger person by forgiving the people that hurt you.

Eminem – Guts Over Fear ft. Sia

Eminem has become a household name for motivational anthems and this song featuring Sia is nothing shy of great

13 VERY Inspiring Facts About Sia Furler that Will Make Your...

Sia endured a lifelong journey full of struggles from personal demons, tragedies, drugs, alcohol, depression, attempted suicide, disease to many record flops and failures.