How Terence Howard Accomplished His Deepest Desires & Dreams


Actor Terrence Howard sat down with BlackTree TV to do an interview about the 2009 animated film “The Princess and The Frog” where history was finally changed when Disney finally made a princess a colored woman. Howard discusses the Dr. Kenneth Clark’s Doll test back in 1940’s when the psychologist designed a test to study the psychological effects of segregation on black children. He also answered several questions about his own personal dreams and how he truly embraces accomplishing them and the importance of having dreams.

Terrence Howard breaks down some advice about how ‘wishing’ is not the only necessary ingredient for dreams to manifest, but having a strong work ethic at the same time. He also talks about his own struggle and growing up in the projects. He admits that he always surrounded himself with good people, friends and family. Howard reveals that honing and remembering those important lessons we learn when growing up, and never forgetting what our grandma’s taught us is very helpful too. He states “You can wish upon that star right there or you can take that star matter inside of you and make your dreams come true. Hard Work. You get what you earn.”

Lastly, he touches on some wisdom for others chasing their dreams. Stating that in order to get to life, we had to outrun others in the amazing race against a half billion of our half brothers and sisters. Terrence Howard believes “you were already born a winner.” Self-worth and strong beliefs about ourselves is such a key part to succeeding.

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