The Selfless Jay Leno

Jay Leno selfless deeds

Talk show host Jay Leno gave us every bit of positive energy and enthusiasm he had to offer. He made us laugh on a day to day basis and elevated the moods of millions of people watching. However, he was a much more selfless man than we even knew, behind the scenes is where his generous acts and kind deeds were magnified.

During the first season of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno’s mother past away and the following year his father died. In 2002, his older brother died due to complications with cancer. In Leno’s farewell speech for the show, he had a tearful heartfelt message for the viewers as he sincerely thanked his fans and his co-workers for being like family to him, and stated that without them, he was nothing.

In 2012, Leno even took a big pay cut to help save jobs for his fellow staffers. Leno’s hosting career was full of selfless deeds and he continuously made people laugh and embraced taking life lightly.



“You can’t stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh.

It’s as simple as that.” – Jay Leno




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