The Shawshank Redemption – Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

The inspiring scene from Shawshank redemption where inmate Andy Dufresne, (Tim Robbins) wisely says to his fellow inmate Red (Morgan Freeman) “Get busy living or get busy dying”. The scene is often marked as the best movie quote ever and is also considered one of the greatest movies as well. Nonetheless, the scene serves as a powerful testament to all of us, and can be that really bold and cut throat punch line that can kick us into gear. Ever being too decisive about something that’s not life altering, well remind yourself next time,  “Get busy living or get busy dying”. It can really be that driving force of motivation to take a leap of faith and be courageous. Sometimes, we think unconsciously forget that we do not live on this earth for 1000 years, in fact, bluntly put, we are very very lucky if we get 100, so it’s not worth over thinking every little thing, nor fearing the worst, it’s about taking and making bold moves and truly living, not just getting by. Face the fact, life is short, so, get busy living!


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