Tiger Woods’ Mental Focus Will Guarantee Anyone Success

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods gives his key ingredients and insights for why he became so good at what he does, and most of it was learned by his coach. His coach taught him how to channel his creative imagination so that it worked in his exact favor. He was taught how to play and be in the absolute present moment and even recalls not remembering what he does or how he even played golf, because in that moment he gets extremely in tune. In fact, he states he doesn’t even here any noise, because he gets out of his own way. He has black out moments because he is in his peak performance zone where he is so focused, has a clear mind, is not really thinking too much, is completely relaxed and is extremely aware in the here and the now. His coach even gives some of his wisdom and tells us the tactics he utilized to truly teach Tiger how to enter this flow state where his subconscious mind if you will, takes over. His coach admits he would drop his bag just as Tiger would wind up for a swing, in which case he would react by looking over as he would grind his teeth, then swing so perfectly. Finally he would look back with a certain look that said, now take that, but he would not say anything, because again, he was trained to be in the present moment. His coach claims he would never meet someone with so much mental toughness in his entire life.


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