Tupac Prison Interview “Listen to the words”

In this rare footage, Tupac Shakur encourages people to wake up and actually listen to the words of music rather than just beat their head to fake music. Current hip hop artist J.Cole featured that same verse in his “get free” track which has some additional very meaningful lyrics where he also emphasizes the importance of truly being free by getting more awareness within the music. Below is the “get free” song featuring Major Lazar:


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“What I want people to know is that don’t
Don’t support the phonies but support the real
You know what I mean, How can these people be talking
About how they so real that they don’t care about our communities
How can they be talking about what they all this the hood blah blah…
They don’t care about our communities, you know what I mean
Listen to the words people say in their lyrics
And tell me if that’s some real shit
If that’s real to you, you know what I mean
Listen to what they’re saying
Don’t just bob your head to the beat, peep the game
And listen to what I’m saying and hold us accountable for it.” – Tupac Shakur



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