10 Young M.A. Quotes About Life

Young M.A is all about being herself, as she has made a new wave in hip hop for her unique flow and style and as the first lesbian/gay rapper. She doesn’t want to be known for her sexual preference but for her musical gifts. Growing up, she was always a tomboy, playing football and adoring rap as she began her journey rapping at age 9. Her major inspirations growing up include 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Young M.A. faced a lot of adversity throughout her life, especially losing one of her biggest fans, her brother, who was murdered.

She was offered a role on Empire but turned it down to keep her focus on her passion. Young M.A. gained big attention for her single Ooouuu which was also posted by Beyonce. She has also been offered many deals to sign with big record labels but Young M.A. prefers to ride her own train to success and stardom.

Here are the most inspiring Young M.A. quotes that will encourage you to express yourself boldly, to dream bigger than the sun and to believe in your gift.

10 Inspirational Young M.A. Quotes


“That’s why I keep it going. All the negativity, all the hate, all of that doesn’t phase me. Because I have a purpose. This is my purpose.” – Young M.A.


“A lot of people look at me like, ‘Yo, you’re dope—I don’t even look at you as a female or gay rapper.” – Young M.A.


“Then it just got to a point where I really had to wake up and use music to basically save myself from self-destruction.” – Young M.A.

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“I always wanted to wear sneakers, stud earrings, hair in a ponytail, and play with the boys.” – Young M.A.


“There’s no need to make it shine and make a show, this is just me. I’m expressing me, that’s all I’m doing. ” – Young M.A.


“I was like nine, 10 years old writing songs, and I thought I was the best. But people also used to say it in the neighborhood. I never had no doubt in my music. Being on stage, is something I always dreamed of, being in front of thousands of people and performing.” – Young M.A.


“When it’s true I feel like there is more passion behind it. So, once I got to the point where I just felt like I wanted to be honest overall, then it became a little easier for me to express myself. Because I always kept things in as a kid. Growing up, I never expressed myself to nobody.” – Young M.A.

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“I was just going through so much after losing my brother that I didn’t know how to express it or handle it. But music always came back to me. ” – Young M.A.


“Basically it’s just letting people know that I’m still independent, I’m still an unsigned artist, I have my team, I have my marketing tam, and we just been out here moving and working and basically letting people know that I’ve been in the studio, I’ve been doing shows, I’ve had my own fan base and supporters before “OOOUUU.” – Young M.A.


“I tried to be a girly once, but fortunately it didn’t work.” – Young M.A.

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“Every day I get at least ten or more comments from people telling me how much I inspire them. From guys, straight guys, girls, straight girls, it don’t matter. Black, white, Chinese, it don’t matter—I’ve been told by multiple people that I’m very inspiring to them and it makes them want to achieve whatever they can achieve.” – Young M.A.

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